Muktinath Tour (3 Nights)

Muktinath is one of the most ancient Hindu temples of God Vishnu. The Pagoda style Muktinath Temple is symbol of the religious symbiosis between both Hindus and Buddhists. Hindu regards Muktinath as Vishnu where as Buddhists regard as Buddha. The main shrine of Muktinath is a pagoda - shaped temple dedicated to the Lord Vishnu. The statue is of gold and is tall enough to compare with a man.

The building in 1815 of the Buddhist-Hindu temple of Vishnu and Chenrezig at Muktinath-Chumig Gyatsa was initiated by the Nepali Queen Subarna Prabha who considered Muktinath-Chumig Gyatsa Salagrama. 

The central shrine of Muktinath-Chumig Gyatsa is considered one of the eight most sacred shrines for Hindu Vaishnavas known as Svayam Vyakta Ksetras which is said to have risen on its own, the other seven being Srirangam, Srimushnam, Tirupati, Naimisharanya, Totadri, Pushkar and Badrinath. It is also one of 108 Vaishnava shrines. There is an old Buddhist monk present in the temple. The worship is conducted by Buddhist nuns. 

Here in the early 19th century the Hindus consecrated a Vishnu temple and named is Muktinath - Lord of Liberation. Against a backdrop of incredible starkness you can sit and stare to the south the snow covered Annapurna range, or to the north the Tibetan plateau

The temple and the religious shrine of Muktinath are about 90m in elevation above Ranipauwa. There are no hotels and the temple committee does not allow camping.

Outline Itinerary 
Day 1: Kathmandu – Pokhara (Overnight at Pokhara) 
Day 3: Pokhara – Jomsom – Muktinath (Overnight at Jomsom) 
Day 3: Jomsom – Pokhara – Kathmandu (Overnight at Kathmandu)


Cost Include:
- KTM – PKR Transportation (Tourist Bus / Car / Van / Jeep)
- PKR – JOM – PKR by flight
- All Vegetarian Meals and all Activities
- Permit Annapurna Conversion Fees

Cost Excludes:
- Kathmandu – Pokahara Sight Seeing entry fee tickets
- Manakamna Cabel Car ticket 
- Bar Bill
- Other personal bills
- Emergency evacuation & Travel Insurance etc…


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